Mosquito Facts:

Mosquitoes are "born" in standing water, mud, ponds, tin cans, under decks, puddles and old tires, etc. Hundreds of thousands are "born" each day in your area during infestations.

Worldwide there are approximately 3,300 species of mosquitoes. In North America (north of Mexico) we have 167 species and subspecies. Only the female bites you because the "beak" on the male mosquito is not built in a way that it can bite you. Mosquitoes rarely travel farther than 300 feet from their birthplace. They like dark areas and will suck the juice out of plants in order to live - including tree leaves, grass, shrubs, etc.

Spraying poisons kills adults present today, but more are born tomorrow and you must spray poisons again tomorrow. Ideally, a spray kills all mosquitoes present in an area and prevents the birth of new ones. Most importantly, mosquitoes from adjacent areas will be repelled by the sulfurous odor (undetectable to humans) that coats the plants they are trying to feed on.

Mosquitoes can ruin your outdoor experience and present a growing health concern on the South Shore. Satuit Landscape applies an organic mosquito control barrier treatment which will help you take back your yard. This trusted and dependable mosquito solution eliminates mosquitoes and their larvae. For optimum protection, regular treatments between the months of April - October are highly recommended.

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